Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 10:26:21: Bit of a let down that. At least I have the books to read. (via @NeilCFord) This.
  • 10:28:17: #torchwood #torchweek #dayfive was an anticlimax IMHO after the shocks in #dayfour I want to retweet some great tweets but they name names.
  • 10:44:16: RT: People EVERY ONE CAN DOWNLOAD Steampunk Tales now ,Yes it's worth it. (via @Steampunk_Tales)
  • 10:53:42: "so, how's that different from MS?" (via @tylluan) MS is either a debilitating illness or disease that attacks your central nervous system!
  • 10:54:24: @mskateer *hugs*
  • 10:56:11: Feeling sleepy. Woke with back spasms. Walking with crutches is not ideal for me coz they make me bend over. Back to bed with meds for now!
  • 13:20:57: @natalief You Give Good Hugs! (via @HugDealer) Thank you! *hugs* ;-p
  • 16:37:27: Taking a nap.
  • 16:39:30: @tallin32 Not sure TBH. is @phinnia okay? Traumatic TV is traumatic! :( *sending hugs*
  • 20:03:29: @tallin32 If she'll have it, send @phinnia a *hug* from me. We are all thrown by these developments. Fic writers and fans alike. Total shock
  • 20:06:02: Tina just asked if I wanted her to make another pot of coffee. Dude. Does a skunk smell? (via @YarnHarlot) Sometimes they do, sometimes not
  • 20:06:58: @tylluan watch it but day four made mecry and day five is just WEIRD.
  • 20:09:40: @tylluan Overall, and especially up until the last 20 mins of day four, it is the best Torchwood ever, in my opinion. Even then it is Vgood.

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