Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

These photos are amazing!

Not mine. Some are bugs (so be warned!) and some are flowers. All are amazing photographs that can be viewed as 3D when you cross your eyes slightly:

3-D Crosseye stereogram macros - a set on Flickr

3-D Cross-eye stereogram .
Just stare at the pics and defocus/cross your eyes and as soon as a pic appears in the middle try relaxing your eyes- a 3-D hibiscus should appear. If it doesn't try with one of the other sizes. Works best for me in the large size.
Forgot to add that each single pic is focus stacked from 2 pics (just to be clever) :)

(description for this photo)

3-D Cross-eye stereogram
Stereo pair orchid pic- each pic focus stacked from 4 shots for increased DOF. but it seems to be easy to visualise.stare at the pic, slightly de-focus and cross your eyes until a third image appears in the middle and then try to relax your eyes to see a stable 3-D image

(description for this photo - another of my faves)

I first learned to view crossed-eye stereograms at university for viewing 3d models of chemical and biochemical structures (e.g. proteins) as well as other biological specimens. It is a very useful skill and, for me, pretty easy. I have always found crossing my eyes easy and that is the method that I use to do Magic Eye puzzles as well. I am told that this practice has not made my eyes condition what it is today, especially because the double vision axis is horizontal right now and changes when it feels like it. The axis for these and all similar stereograms and magic-eyes is vertical. That said, I can only view a few of them at a time before needing to gaze off into the distance for a while to rest my eyes (I am long sighted).
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