Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-06-2009

  • 16:19:25: Just listened to Torchwood: Golden Age and T: The Dead Line. re. the latter VERY clever. Panic over about music titles. Don't phone & drive!
  • 16:29:47: V wobbly&wasted despite the cooler air. Weather-head despite painkillers as well. My bed it is a-callin' and the Smudge she is a-purrin'. ;)
  • 16:38:22: Someone needs to write Torchwood fic about my damned MonSter and my barometer-body! #prompt Just credit me as #muse and point me at it plz!&#263A;
  • 16:45:12: RT @Weebly_one - Not allowed into Edinburgh airport -standing by a roundabout clueless. (via @Documentally)
  • 19:01:38: Trying desperately to shift my brain out of 2nd gear. *SWORE* it was an automatic. (via @tallin32) ROFL as I wake from a nap!
  • 20:47:56: Support Lance's return to Tour and #LIVESTRONG global cancer fight. Add wristband to your Twitter with 1-click -

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