Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-05-2009

  • 00:33:08: "Boing!" said Zebedee, "Time for bed!"
  • 00:35:50: ...cont) Torchwood! (via @racheline_m) ;-p
  • 00:35:51: The "we are coming" on the torchwood ads on the bus is causing my gf seriously inappropriate giggles. She doesn't even watch (cont...
  • 10:05:47: Going back to bed. Tried playing WoW but can't keep my eyes open. Minor rash on the back of my hands. Only itches when I touch it. Heatrash?
  • 10:07:16: @kathAVFM I am 41 (42 in Aug), dx in '98 but symptoms back to age 9 or before.
  • 10:07:26: zzzzz
  • 10:08:03: P.S. I may have found an alternative to @loudtwitter - at least while he tries to resurrect the service from a dead machine.
  • 10:09:35: P.S.No.2 Crutches are bruising my hands and forearms. Also, crutches, stairs and vertigo is not the safest of combinations. #nts #psa
  • 15:55:34: Feeling faint and nauseous. Right hand numb and tingly. Taking a break/nap.
  • 23:07:58: @kathAVFM Looking back at my medical history after mu diagnosis, they thought my first episode was a bout of vertigo at age 9.
  • 23:09:28: I wish that twitter apps would remember where I was last time I ran it so I don't have to find something I recognise by hand to read on from
  • 23:10:49: Ah found where I was. Finally.

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