Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

rwboughton tells it as it is, as he so often does

It’s A Wonderful Life by rwboughton | A Voice For MS

My reply/comment:
I too am Uncle Billy, although we all become him to one extent or another as we age. I, however, was Uncle Billy at age 30. My descent into Uncle Billy -ness began at age 18 or so. Yay MonSter! Then again, I do not remember ever seeing the film and so I can only base my definition UB-ness on this article. I may have seen the film but I do not remember doing so. This UB-ness does come in useful when watching reruns on the TV though - I can never remember what happens even if I have only just watched it - reruns are never boring to me because the plot often seems totally new to me (although I sometimes get a flash of recognition)! I am 42 in August and used to be a computer programmer but my brain may was well be that of a 99 year old with Alzheimer's on my bad days.
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