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11:09 …cont) Been through Five Oaks #

11:09 … mins in Cranleigh! Mum has rearranged her afternoon so I am enjoying this (except for the awful seats and suspension on Sundays). (cont… #

11:10 @mcglk I had a feeling you'd like @tweetie more than @nambucom! Glad to help! #

11:12 Sun is HOT today! Glad I remembered to sunscreen my face and neck. Sitting waiting for bus & wishing I had done my arms, shins and feet too! #

11:13 May buy more sunscreen if time b4 doc appointment. #

11:15 Found shade. Did not find hat. May have to buy one. #

11:42 AudioBoo: Wandering York for food (via @Documentally) I have so many good memorie of York Uni and town in the late 80s. #

11:43 Just because nobody ever complains, it doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect. (via @GeneHunt) So true! ☻ #

11:50 @natalief @n (via @romanticland) Wuh? #

11:50 #writechat as publishers wake up to the fact that people will pay money for physical copies of stuff they enjoy online (via @alexandraerin) #

11:51 @alexandraerin They need to! #

11:53 "bruise easily": CHECK. (via @tylluan) Me too & hypermobile joints & fatigue & … #

11:55 - first "lame is sexy" screenprint! not totally clean job, but passable? … (via @tylluan) love it! #

11:58 My cat always reminds me of that old comic about how living with a cat is like living with a tweeker... (via @NorwichGrrl) What comic? True! #

14:36 I'm fooked. The procedure at the surgery, the heat/humidoty and a bit of shopping have conspired to do me in. Chilling in Subway b4 the bus. #

15:13 how many years do you need to shout "shut up" at your barking dog before you realise shouting "shut up" doesn't stop the barking? (cont… #

15:13 …cont) (via @ndixon) #

15:14 Want a new funky URL shortener.. check out #bpark Support @BletcheyPark ! (via @Documentally) #

15:14 The man behind the ( url shortener is @PaulDJohnston Good work! #bpark (via @Documentally) #

15:31 Home now but may just pass oit for a while. #

15:40 RT @PaulDJohnston: - support Bletchley Park with Station X URL Shortener. Please ReTweet #bpark (via @bletchleypark) #

15:45 @sarahkane you need to email twittascope and get them to stop tweeting for you. You could also delete the tweets. #

15:50 Preparing for a hot day in the car and at clients. Oh the joy! (via @NeilCFord) Pity the Smart's aircon has died. ✹hugs✹ & ✹ice water✹ #

15:50 It's only sunny because YOU didn't put the washing out: (via @the_magazine) LOL #

15:56 … Im too hot yuck hate the summer roll on autumn! (via @waitingforsimon) This. Wishing I could live in the southern hemisphere May - Sept. #

15:59 Cooling down by dint of icepacks applied liberally and very little clothing. May yet survive the day. Cold shower next. #

16:02 @fluffymuppet I got little ziploc-style bags in Ryman. 300 x 57 mm x 57 mm. I forget what they cost but it was not ridiculous. #

16:04 @fluffymuppet other sizes too and other quantities if 300 is too many. Now I want commission from Ryman! #

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