Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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09:56 Awake and waiting for painkillers to kick in. Ordering more painkillers online (repeat prescription). Gathering strength to go down stairs. #

10:58 RT #michaeljackson. He seemed to be a troubled genius. Hope he's found peace now. (via @Xenaclone) well said x (via @Hedgewytch) Yes. This. #

10:59 RT @ScotRadcliffe: For those who haven't heard ~ Torchwood: Children Of Earth st... Read More: #

11:00 Might be considering blocking people if they make sick MJ jokes (via @Hedgewytch) He was another troubled child star that never grew up. :-( #

11:02 Wow if only Neda got as much news coverage ! BBC news is the least painful of all the channels to watch today. (via @loudmouthman) Agree+1 #

12:00 Going back to bed for a couple of hours. Phone calls to make this afternoon. Hope I wake with more alertness/spoons/energy! #

12:02 Harrison Ford story is not on Reuters or BBC News - possibly a hoax :( (via @NeilCFord) What story is that then? #

14:40 Genius Bar replaced Macbook battery for free. Excellent service - first time I've used it. (via @sbisson) Awesome! #

14:41 #followfriday @IvyBean104 @shadesong @matociquala @regularjen and @ndixon #

14:42 Observed @ndixon's ultrasound. He's having a girl. #fibbingfriday (via @regularjen) YAY and Congratulations! ;-p #

14:44 #twitlonger If you crossed a big hairy spider and a trampoline, you'd get a tram... Read More: #

14:45 @ramtops re O2 and data connection - I had that after the iPhone update. It resets the data connection settings. Calling O2 helped me out.GL #

14:46 @ndixon That may indeed be fibbing but I cannot tell because I do not recognise a number of the words! ;-p #

14:47 Needed: PA to deal with paperwork and phonecalls. Just cannot do it myself without huge stress and pain these days! :( #

14:48 @ndixon nah, he's on an island playing 'uno' with diana, elvis, red rum and richie manic (via @petecooper) And Moby Dick? ;-p #

14:48 so. my hobby became my day job. hobby into job. hobby job. jobby. that's right, i have a jobby. (via @petecooper) or a Hob? #

14:50 Have succeeded in writing a letter, however. Now I just need to post it. I even enclosed everything that I said I had! Don't always in email #

14:52 Have also reordered pain meds (I am nearly out!) and made one phone call (from the LONG list of calls I need to make). Now I R DED! :( #

15:00 Going offline (i.e. shutting mail and twitter). May play WoW, though. Disengage teh branes for a while. #

15:31 Right ring and pinky finger are numb. #

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