Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


13:40 MELTING!!!! :(((( It is TOO HOT! I have made it to counseling, though. Need to go into town afterwards if I can bear the heat. Feels 2000℃.☹ #

13:45 Which means, @nambucom, I'm done with this for now. I used to like Nambu … fatally broken. (via @mcglk) I use @tweetie on the mac. #

13:49 @mcglk @tweetie #

13:51 Seriously does the cat have to jump in the dish washer every time I try to load or unload dishes?? (via @bloodcurdling) Of course she does!! #

13:54 Purrrrdy: (via @bloodcurdling) cut indeed! #

13:55 @NorwichGrrl Magic Loop FTW #

16:31 Sat in Starbucks under air conditioner. Almost too chill! #

17:01 @Hedgewytch re. 2 sorts of people; I only wish that I could! #

17:04 I am dusting off tennis bat and racket slacks for a spot of shuttle slam in the sun (via @Aleksandr_Orlov) ROFL #

17:06 I don't think that I should have sat down in Staebucks despite being tired; now I am falling asleep! #

17:09 @stephenfry Thanks for mentioning AT - there will be a whole 'Alan Turing Year' in 2012 - #BPark (via @bletchleypark) #

17:11 @petecooper let me know your research results re speakers - may be in the market myself. #

17:19 Just missed the d@mn bus! ☹ #

17:56 Home. ✴flop✴ zzz #

17:58 @petecooper pretty much #

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