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08:56 @charpool Works this morning (Safari). Yay! #

11:49 Just missed a bus. Never mind. It is a pleasant enough day and I have a book, knitting, teh intarwebz… ☺ #

11:50 RT @seananmcguire: Happy Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day! (via @popelizbet) #

12:01 #Fairyland is live! Read girl's adventures w/ leopards, fairies, & customs agents! Read for free, pay if you can! Pls RT #

12:02 "All children are Heartless. They have not grown a heart yet, which is why they can climb high trees and say shocking things…" #Fairyland #

12:05 … we are having the most incredible sun shower right now. Pouring rain. Streaming sunlight. It's gorgeous. (via @alexandraerin) & rainbows? #

12:06 @NorwichGrrl I only had a passing familiarity with your name before I got into @s00j via her web presence (via @alexandraerin) This. Me too. #

12:13 Bus just drove straight past me! :( #

12:22 Next bus picked me up so I should not be late. #

12:22 @mollydotcom whatever you may be, boring is not the adjective that springs to mind :) (via @pixeldiva) This! #

13:40 30 mins in the small pool doing resistance exercises with a trainer flew by and felt like 10! Now it is brunch time. #

13:43 - a neighbour a block down has huge lovely tangles of poppies. (via @tylluan) Ooooo pretty! #

13:48 There are many rhymes about magpies, but none of them is very reliable because they are not the ones the magpies know themselves. (@tylluan) #

13:48 @stephenfry Have fun on Top Gear today! #

13:52 Writing to the Telegraph to complain about - an advert for homeopathy dresses up as editorial. (via @davorg) good on ya #

13:53 @pixeldiva Earplugs are vital in my semi-nocturnal world! #

13:59 @Hedgewytch Twitter is designed to be all "me, me, me". With added replies and retweets theese days. "What are you doing?" #

14:39 Homeopathic remedies cure nothing but thirst. Discuss. (via @davorg) And then only if you like expensive water! #

16:18 Nap time. More tired than I thought. #

16:19 I'm fed up with people who make huge sweeping generalisations. As far as I'm concerned, all generalisations are false. (via @GeneHunt) LOL!! #

16:20 RT @cspenn: Want more Twitter followers? Try talking to people instead of selling your stupid $49 guide.via @dungeekin (via @Hedgewytch) ;-p #

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