Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


12:46 Have managed a couple of chores in the kitchen and a couple of phone calls before the battery died in the landline handset even tho charged. #

12:47 Managed to Weeble around the kitchen safely but am now even more wobbly. Weebly wobbly wibble! #

12:49 Have also 'built' this weeks meds, eaten breakfast and taken meds. Will now either knit, read, WoW or sleep. < /random > #

12:51 RT @mysociety: Read John Bercow's endorsement of mySociety's 3 Principles for the new Speaker - (via @davorg) Awesome! #

13:06 One of my all time heroes Alan Turing was born today 1912! Find out more here: #bpark (via @stephenfry) #

13:24 "If you're having trouble please click here for the web version" Plain text newsletter #fail (via @davorg) LOL! #

14:05 Have knitted and listened to serialised audio of fiction. Now off for a nap. #

18:10 Woken up but melting. Tried the cold shower on the head trick but it has not helped. Can't wait for Aqua tomorrow! #

18:12 Cover art for my next novel KICKS SO MUCH ASS: (via @doctorow) I like the UK version/cover art best. #

18:20 Reading material.. #1984 (via @Documentally) One of my fave books. Does that make me disturbed? #

18:22 Guess I had better feed the kittehs. Maybe I should wait until it is a bit cooler. Smudge threw up this morning… #

18:23 @twittelator Many plants grow fractally! - [Re:] #

18:24 Today I have real bad fur day. I look like Homelesskat. (via @Aleksandr_Orlov) #

18:26 @mollydotcom When the cows were scared away, the cowboy decided that he'd better learn HTML5 and make his living cutting website code… #vss #

18:28 Playing WoW? Then while you're waiting for me fixing TwerpScan, visit my other site, CharPool @ ;) (via @TwerpScan) LOL #

18:30 @TwerpScan Actually, CharPool looks pretty funky! Not sure I'll sign up though. Maybe? #

18:32 @TwerpScan I am guessing that CharPool doesn't know about the history of my toon and so the timeline will only start from when I sign up? #

18:37 @twerpscan Actually, this CharPool thing is quite cool! My 80 DK: #

18:57 @twittelator The 3GS has a macro lens? Does it have zoom as well? - [Re:] #

19:23 @TwerpScan I can't log back in to my #CharPool account in Safari or Firefox (OSX). I was not offered the option to sign up with email so … #

19:24 @TwerpScan … I used my livejournal and now I cannot log back in because the popup is empty in Safari & does not pop up in Firefox! #CharPool #

19:25 @Twerpscan Any chance I can convert my account from a livejournal login to an email address login please? #CharPool #

19:45 @ninthspace Some restaurants/companies/shops have started doing that +SalesTax thing in the UK now as well! :( #

19:49 WTB CNS Transplant with prior personality and memory backup and subsequent re-upload. Yeah, I thought not. :( #

19:50 @regularjen Purple rawks. Even with bows. I am, however, allergic to PINK! ;-p #

19:53 @ninthspace Yeah - I thought there was some sort of law (Trades Description Act?) that said we only have to pay the advertised price here? #

19:54 @ndixon Jen tweets that you're poorly - get well soon! #

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