Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:22 off to bed. early for me. gym at noon and a coldsore coming on my lip. last few days have been busy, fun and exhausting. maybe overdone it? #

10:26 Gonna skip the gym/pool today. Can't see straight, cold sore and very under the weather. Am booked in for Wednesday so will see how I am. #

11:22 Never bolt your door with a boiled carrot. IRISH PROVERB (via @qikipedia) Um… #

11:23 - Mr. Moses. He's being extra cute today. (via @sarahkane) He sure is! #

11:23 RT @Twitter_Tips Could Twitter Prevent World War III? --Share this article: (via @judywatt) Maybe! #

11:46 RT LaughItUp: If The Golden Girls Were On Twitter (via @judywatt) Awesome! #

12:36 Sheep dash! #

14:13 Pondering a tattoo: #

14:13 I Am Me: #

14:35 Just had call from the gym. I have the go ahead to have aqua sessions under GP referral (they don't usually)! 1st one is Wednesday at 12:30! #

15:17 Back to bed. Exhausted and not well. I will be fine, though, eventually! :) #

15:47 #neda #iranelection (via @laserone) #

15:50 Seems to me that anyone who campaigns to be Speaker is not a suitable candidate. (via @ramtops) This. #

17:39 I don't really care who the Stig is, I'm quite happy for him to remain anonymous, and its probably lots of different people (via @Hedgewytch #

17:41 Hello … I too busy to go holidays so I have Sergei bring beach to me. Simples. (via @Aleksandr_Orlov) #

17:42 These days, I wear more protective gear to type that I do to climb. Wrist braces, elbow straps... (via @matociquala) ouch! #

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