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16:04 …cont) #iranelection @j ... (via @laserone) #

16:04 RT Breaking: very disturbing video of innocent women shot dead in Tehran watching protest. Horrible (cont… #

16:07 RT @atmasphere: GR: Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos (via @laserone) #

16:07 RT @atmasphere: #iranelection GR: Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos (via @laserone) #

16:28 RT fr Iran: PLS ALL RT THIS SUMMARY AND FOOTAGE OF TODAY [June 20, 2009]: #iranelection (via @laserone) #

18:35 RT IranianChopper releasingSomethingChemical, allegedly ovr any1 ID wht's hapng? #IranElection(@laserone) #

23:16 To whom it may concern: When I am concerned / worried / nervous I giggle and laugh - not AT anyone. It is a reflex. I hate that I do it too. #

23:19 It is a bit like, when I am angry or scared I cry. Damned randomised emotional responses. Emotional Labilit and the MonSter can BITE ME. :(( #

23:19 Lability #

23:20 Cool new discovery (new to me, anyway): #

23:22 The bridge at Maidenhead - (via @ndixon) Love it! You are pretty good at this pencil thang! #

23:23 @ndixon Is this your own paper? Love the sketch! - [Re:] #

23:24 @ndixon of course, that sketch was pen… #

23:25 @ndixon Caffeine-fail - there is such a thing?! ;-p - [Re:] #

23:27 @ndixon Then again, I love all of your sketches, drawing and writing. Multitalented - R - U ! - [Re:] #

23:29 Opening my etsy store. so many more to add... (via @cindyli) Stunning fused glass! #

23:32 Snow leopard cubs - (via @ramtops) Once petted a snow leopard cub about that age. Binu was born at Marwell Zoo. #

23:36 @shadesong Congratulations on finishing your first draft of My Empire for Ashes! #

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