Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


18:45 About to walk down the pub to meet up with brother and his GF. Eyes are getting used to the new Fresnel temp. prism I just applied. Taraaaa! #

23:11 Search "gay rights" on PhotoBucket; says it's an adult topic and that site doesn... Read More: #

23:26 RT (via @Hedgewytch) RUDE!!!!! #

23:46 thinks she may have been stood up. (via @rebornspirit) :( *hugs* Did they show up? #

23:48 i bought some nice new slippers today they are so comfy its like wearing slippers dont worry sandra they were only 4.99 (via @IvyBean104) :) #

23:56 Nothing to do tomorrow? Try Group Rope Jumping! (via @qikipedia) MAD! "And then police came…" #

23:58 RT: Besiji may be camping outside embassies now. Be very cautious if trying to go to one. #iranelection [RT PLEASE URGENT] #

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