Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


07:06 Woken in PAIN (8). Lower back of my rib cage in full on spasm. Taken painkillers. #

08:07 Yay painkillers! They break the spasm➔pain➔spasm➔pain➔spasm➔pain➔spasm… cycle and let me stretch out the damn muscle spasms. *phew* pain=(4) #

08:24 Check out Mona's new do! (via @bloodcurdling) She looks a lot cooler! #

08:35 @ndixon Narrative that is not at all novel and totally unoriginal? ;-p #

08:44 RT from Iran: Tomorrow march is in memory of those killed by Government - Mousavi will lead Sea of Green - #Iranelection RT (via @shadesong) #

08:49 Today's tweet subjects, let's review: #iranelection, … gay rights, porn. Who says 140 characters is inadequate? (via @racheline_m) This! #

08:50 RT @AnnCurry: reporting,"we're approaching one billion tweets on the situation" in #iranelection (via @shadesong) #

09:08 Think b4 you tweet: #iranelection #

09:15 Seriously considering going back to bed, even though I can now move freely . #

09:24 Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll': #

09:25 Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll': (forgot to add hashtag) #iranelection #

09:35 @shadesong Sadly many of the URLs you have retweeted have been truncated and so do not work. :( #

09:35 yeah - zzzzzzzzz #

16:28 Asleep all day after a long/good night's sleep. I had forgotten how fatiguing pain can be. Now I have a head/eye pain=2 but back pain is 0. #

16:43 Just a tip: don't anger the fat guy; he probably has root access. (via @kplawver) I like this. Very BOFH! #

16:45 Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click - #

16:48 Actually, I did my green icon by hand in photoshop, but I know people have been asking how they can do it so I posted the link. #

16:49 Their version of my icon comes out more yellowy-green and so I have switched back to my version. #

16:49 Gonna play some WoW now while I wait for more painkillers to work. #

18:05 melting and ded and updating iphone and did not get as far as playing wow #

18:07 SMS therefore not possible and so emailing ppl to reply to SMSs. #

18:08 Also, likely to fall asleep again if the humidity/weather does not rain/break soon! (Sorry cats.) #

18:23 Sorry @vintnersbird but Sergei already in love. When he see servers it love at first sight. (via @Aleksandr_Orlov) #

18:44 NOOO!!! Back is spasming again! ☹ #

20:05 Another lot of painkillers are kicking in. Time to feed the cats, albeit a couple of hours late, as they are both reminding me, loudly! #

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