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12:30 Fixed this new double vision by turning the fresnel round by 90º and trimming it. This does not bode well for glasses with a perm prism. :( #

12:32 RT John McCain tries to undo the good Twitter is doing in Iran bit.ly/7epNt #Iranelection #Tehran #iranbaan (via @Rashido) #

12:33 RT STOP POSTING PROXIES PUBLICLY ON TWITTER. Iranian govt will shut them down or... Read More: is.gd/14p0v #

12:38 @stephenfry Just read your tweet about flak over Iran. Just follow your conscience; ignore those that have none. (via @mcglk) This. #

12:54 Why you should care: natalief.livejournal.com/1255519.html #

12:56 Look. If you follow me & I don't know who you are & your updates are protected, you're just going to get get blocked. (via @davorg) This. #

12:58 @Hedgewytch re. Apple Genius: TOYS!!! ;-p #

12:59 @Hedgewytch re. Apple Genius: Also, DISCOUNT? #

13:00 RT @madyar Hard conflict in Tabriz. Police are shooting people #iranelection (via @shadesong) -20 hours #

13:08 RT to know more about how to participate in helping the protest(or)s, check out bit.ly/raxNI PLS rt. #IranElection #GR88 (@tylluan) #

13:09 @ndixon *hugs* #

13:10 every time i see photos of sasha baron-cohen relating to this 'bruno' movie, i do a double take and see … @adamcurry (via @petecooper) ROFL! #

13:11 @Hedgewytch Personal Trainer? Housekeeper? Personal/professional shopper? #

13:22 News is doing better job covering Twitter than covering Iran. ... Twitter's not the story. (via @alexandraerin) THIS! #

16:19 Awake, fed, showered, dressed and ready to go to my Gym Induction (17:30). At least I should manage to see now, despite the wobbles! #

16:22 @SussexWildlife ArundAl? #

17:04 Bum. Just missed a bus. This would be the time of day when the timetable changes, wouldn't it! Also, I seem to be hungry but I've eaten! ;-/ #

18:12 All done being gym inducted (induced?). Sitting for a few mins b4 trying to find a bus. Wobbly and exhausted. #

18:13 Watching iPhone users getting excited about the prospect of being able to do things that most phones have been able to do for 5 yrs. @davorg #

20:25 RT @ndixon @cc_chapma: Jimmy Page, Jack White & The Edge rocking on film? Oh HELL YEAH! is.gd/14xBc love the comment at the very end #

20:28 Fascinating. This is a pic of a pro-Ahmadinijad rally in the Tehran newspaper. Busted. tr.im/oNZm (via BoingBoing & @thoughtfulrepub) #

20:37 Shattered. Going to bed - at least for a while. #

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