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10:29 The number of people who have quoted this one line somewhere is kind of surprising: (via @alexandraerin) Eloquent line. #

11:51 The number of people who have quoted this one line somewhere is kind of surprising: (via @alexandraerin) It's a good'n! #

12:00 RT The Bible contains 6 admonishments to homosexuals and 326 admonishments to heterosexuals...... (via @Hedgewytch) #

12:00 .. ...That doesn't mean God doesn't love heterosexuals--He just thinks they need more supervision via @sugarplumwrong (via @Hedgewytch) #

12:04 - Just found this photo of myself & @glyny (aka mum) on Anna Maria Island last year. :) (via @sarahkane) Awesome! #

12:38 Debating whether to read more of my book, or do a little cross stitch, OR watch tv and play a computer game. … (via @katybean27) Familliar! #

12:38 @waitingforsimon I don't say hello back because I read many hours later. Sorry about that! #

12:41 @sbisson I prefer this one: #

12:48 This guy had his ASS RIGHT IN MY FACE for a full minute before he finally shifted (via @laserone) Yay phone cameras! #

13:28 just critted on a magic mace hit (weapon of spell storing) on an ogre. Mace was loaded with Searing Light. ogre exploded. (via @matociquala) #

13:37 Unpicking sewn-in ends of knitting can only be done in short bursts when my vision is this bad. #

13:42 25lbs down so far. sweet. (via @katehunter) Gratz! #

13:45 Chores can only be done in even smaller bursts when my vision is this bad. Also, this damned vertigo. Standing is such hard work! #

13:47 "Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble, jelly on the plate!" "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!" I fall down, though. I'm more like jelly. #

14:06 PhoneView can see 360 podcasts on my iPhone but iTunes says there is no music on it but it that is taking up many Gb! Any ideas how to fix? #

14:27 RT Ia Cthocolate ftaghn! The truffle shall be eaten first! (via @alexandraerin) #

14:28 RT NPR referred to a study that people who attend church regularly are more tolerant of torture. Interesting. (via other) (via @Hedgewytch) #

14:29 Recording myself reading Fairyland... (via @NorwichGrrl) Awesome! Can't wait to listen! #

14:31 Aaaaaaaand now a random stabbing pain at level 6 in my right wrist. Knowing me, it is a temporary MSPain but I will take pain meds anyway. #

14:32 For the eagle-eyed and night owl'd: (via @NorwichGrrl) YAY! #

14:32 @ficly Is it acceptable to repost a ficlets fic that I have saved elsewhere? #

14:39 RT @Levi_Leipheimer This is SO hilarious, you got to watch it! Funny!! (via @NeilCFord) #

15:16 Changed my Twitter background to one of my photos. Finally worked out how to! #

15:17 @kplawver Okay. I will see if and when the muse strikes, then, but she rarely does these days. It would have been a way to contribute… #

15:48 For the eagle-eyed and night owl'd: (via @NorwichGrrl) Ah, this was *speechless* !!!!! #

15:50 . Gorillas need our help. A ranger dies protecting them in DRC every SIX weeks. (via @wildmanrouse) #

15:51 @spottedsparrow Thank you! ;-p #

15:54 I must be a 11 year old boy - the word "dongle" always makes me snigger internally! #

15:56 @pixeldiva What knitting site did @aral point you at? *nosy and interested* #

16:03 Hello @lucy_kr I am large fan of soccer ball. My favourite is the Beckham. He very good at score touchdown! (via @Aleksandr_Orlov) LOL #

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