Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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13:31 Such a pity that @twerpscan ( no longer works. Does anyone know of a good alternative? I need to do some trimming/adding. #

13:38 is surprised she's not ravenous, considering how little she's eaten today. With that thought, suddenly I want something to eat! (via @cazm) #

13:39 @cazm I am just like that - I can go for most of a day before remembering to eat (and then feeling RAVENOUS)! #

13:42 most recent musecrack photo is AWESOME: (via @tylluan) I agree! #

13:58 Mmmm breakfast/brunch at noon. Thanks to @cazm for the reminder about eating! #

14:12 Don't try this at home: why we don't put unmitigated chemical warfare in our mouths. (via @matociquala) Mad USian kid! #

There's an entire youtube subculture here! (via @matociquala) Mad AUSian record holder! #

14:15 A little trick. Find Twittering Ravelers near you with this people search: (via @ravelry) #

15:00 Nap time. I took the temporary prism off my glasses and life is a lot less painful now but using my eyes is still almost as exhausting. zzzz #

19:37 @YarnHarlot Your birthday as well according to your calendar - so happy birthday despite the emotional whiplash! *hugs* #

19:44 @tylluan

22:13 My @iKnitLondon Weekender ticket just arrived! #

22:16 Peter Facinelli needs 500,000 followers on Twitter! -or he has to wear the bikini ;o) (via @Hedgewytch) I vote bikini!! #

22:23 here's a Little Tease for you, of my interview in DSLR User Mag next month: (via @cazm) Congratulations! #

22:39 install, patch, reboot, … install anti-virus, reboot, patch. why do people put up with this? #windows (via @petecooper) I don't. Bought mac. #

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