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01:38 @ndixon - Stunning. He/she seems about to pounce on some bird, spider or fly! I adore tabby cats (as you may ha ... #

01:57 Trying out Tweetie. Does anyone know how to view favourited tweets in @tweetie? #

01:58 ah - it is okay - I stumbled across it! ;-p I quite like @tweetie thus far! Except that enter does not post the tweet. :( #

02:00 just wish I could use a larger font than 14 pt in @tweetie. Accessibility issue? I know my vision is flawed right now so it may just be me… #

02:05 @TrshTwns01 @tweetie is gonna be a learning curve but I like to have options. @twhirl uses the bloaty AIR and @nambucom is still very messy. #

02:09 RT @knittingnews: RT other: now you can post to twitter directly from flickr, I am so happy! #

02:10 @TrshTwns01 P.S. I can't find 'nearby' on @tweetie - I am using the free version on my mac… #

02:18 Giving up. Beginning to wonder if my right eye is showing optic neuritis. Might explain all this pain and the visual disturbances. Bed time. #

11:46 @mcglk I have now switched to @tweetie and am loving it. A few minor niggles (Need bigger font!) but more usable (for me) than @nambucom IMO #

11:48 @thoughtfulrepub I get those repeat replies in all @twitter clients and so I think it may actually be twitter's fault/bug. #

11:50 Just thought I would check - it looks like @twhirl survived the #twitpocalypse #

16:10 @cindyli How did you get your facebook url? I can't find a link to go to to try to get mine. #

16:14 @cindyli Ah it is okay. I found it via Help. I grabbed my third choice: nataliesford. natalief and natalieford had gone. #

16:16 @wildmanrouse: "Gulp am I growing up?" Never! #

16:17 RT @GeneHunt: When my ex asked "Does my bum look big in this?" all I said was "Hold on. Let me stand back a bit to get it all in." LOL! #

16:20 This. Yes. RT @alexandraerin: This might be the most important blog rant I write all week - #

16:52 @waitingforsimon Glad you're feeling better! #

16:54 RT: @bletchleypark Today's Daily Telegraph 'Bletchley Park Must be Saved' #BPark #

17:02 Just seen my first ad in 12+ hours of using the free Tweetie. I can live with that! #

17:03 The ad did not even stay visible for long and so I am guessing that any other ads that have appeared have been off-screen (off-scroll). #

17:06 Note to @cazm: Always carry at least a pocket camera when caching! ;-p #

17:07 -- I just got back my ex using these methods. @natalief (via @star_johnson) Um, Wuh? #spamtweet #

17:33 what is in our first issue (via @Steampunk_Tales) Steampunk ezine for iPhone/iTouch #

18:47 Melting despite a cool shower. #

18:51 @bloodcurdling If you put one kibble or maybe two in the film canister, it also rattles and smells yummy to the kitty! #

19:00 Sorry cats. I know you are hungry but it is too hot and you'll throw up. Also, the more I overheat the worse I can see. #

20:51 … Best Giclee Photorag are and they print all my editions. Top people and awesome quality. (via @wildmanrouse) #

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