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00:42 @ndixon - Would you draw a friend's cat from a photo for them? The cat is very ill and probably dying. #

01:33 My right eye and the temp. prism on my right glasses lens are giving me so much grief that I have blanked out my right lens with a post-it. #

01:35 Problems: the post-it lets light through, my glasses lenses are so small that I am still getting pain and double vision outside the lenses. #

01:36 I could just keep one eye closed but that is tiring and achy by itself. I am having to do that to type though. Only one week to go b4 my… #

01:37 …eye clinic / orthoptist appointment. Maybe then we can get a better prism prescription or something. #

01:50 I give up. Even that is not working. I am tired enough that lying in bed with my eyes closed will be a good idea, even if I cannot sleep. #

01:51 It is coming to something when I cannot even see to knit (because the knitting is lace - if it was a plainer pattern I would be able to). #

01:52 @ninthspace I will knit something if I have to - just not tonight. Good idea though! #

01:55 I can actually see better without my glasses and with one or other eye closed. #

01:55 Will try to call eye clinic tomorrow in case there is anything they can suggest b4 next week. #

01:56 Now I will actually shut up spamming you all with my weird and wonderful health issues and go offline, perchance to sleep. #

02:48 Strangely, I can see almost perfectly in low light. Freaky. #

03:01 #followfriday @VeryShortStory @GeneHunt @iknitlondon @IvyBean104 @regularjen @ndixon @thinkmeup @SandBLondon @knittingnews @KnittingHelp ☺☑☼ #

10:49 …cont) (via @tallin32) #

10:49 It is very important, when clicking Reply, to make sure you're replying to the right message, tweet or other communication object. (cont… #

10:59 @NorwichGrrl do you have a link/URL for the ebook? I must have missed seing it. #

11:01 up @ 6 tmro (should not be allowed to get up earlier than pain #)… (via @tylluan) Indeed! #

11:16 Finacially times are hard, yet I almost made a killing in the city yesterday... I shot a merchant banker. (via @GeneHunt) #

11:20 Testing @nambucom 1.2: same nasty scrolling issues that are an accessibility and usability show-stopper for me. Ah well. Watching & waiting. #

11:23 Still can't see properly despite 8 or 9 hours sleep. One patch in my visual field where I am not seeing double. Pity it is not front&centre. #

11:52 @knittingnews P.S. More Yarnery Singers: #

12:13 @sbisson Oh Simon. *cries* Thinking of the other two, you and Mary. *hugs* #

12:15 Sadly Jeoffroy didn't make it. He was a lovely cat and will be missed. (via @sbisson) Such a loss. That tripod lion. QQ #

12:16 So SO sad right now. #

12:18 The loss of pets always makes me imagine losing Pixel or Smudge. QQ #

12:18 money off vouchers at currys (inc a way to get a cheaper imac): (sfw) (via @petecooper) #

12:22 Life seems to just be one loss (friends, family, pets, abilities, health) after another with occasional getting slimmer slivers of peace. QQ #

12:24 Need to hit things in WoW for a while to distract myself. #

15:39 Eating a ham sandwich in remembrance of Jeoffrey who used to love to share his ham with people (i.e. used to love to share people's ham!). #

16:03 Shared some ham with Pixel and Smudge in memory of the Jeoffster. #

16:45 Brighton on Sunday rt @guardianeco Riders get naked for cycling demonstration: (via @SussexWildlife) #

18:53 I have news for @nambucom: This is not an "scroll enhancement." This is just trying to be cute, and failing. (via @mcglk) This. #

18:54 In fact, the short-URL replacement was one of the things I liked best about @nambucom. Now it's gone. Foo. (via @mcglk) This too. #

18:58 Uh . . . maybe the @nambucom scroll-on-update annoyance is still there. Hm. (via @mcglk) Oh dear. :( What DID they fix? All new features? ☹ #

21:55 (@nambucom) I have to click on a DIFFERENT tweet to be able to scroll through the tweets. Lame. (via @mcglk) Also, ACCESSABILITY BUG! :( #

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