Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
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02:42 Just watched episodes 7 and 8 of Ashes to Ashes series 2. Turns out I had missed the last two and not just the last one. They were AWESOME!! #

02:43 Now I am wide awake and need to be up by 11 am. Hmmmm. I know - fishing in WoW makes me sleepy - I will try that! #

13:46 @nambucom: Does the panel HAVE to scroll when new updates come in? (via @mcglk) This SUCKS += 1 of the showstoppers for me so I use @twhirl. #

13:48 @mcglk re. @nambucom Another is the mouse scroll wheel only scrolls one pixel at a time and not one tweet at a time. Can't remember others. #

13:49 @mcglk I am sure that I have a load of @nambucom tweets that detail my other Nambu showstoppers, i.e. Things that make it inaccessible 4 me #

13:50 @waitingforsimon post icons on LJ! #

13:53 @hulucrafts black knit kit > anything with pink in it! I think i am allergic to pink. :) #

13:56 @hulucrafts also, black knitkit is better for male, goth or tomboy knitters. #

13:56 …cont) (via @hulucrafts) #

13:56 The Knit Kit is now available in black as well as white. Would anyone be interested if I got some black in stock? (cont… #

13:57 ok why did no one telly me about The Unit??? (via @Hedgewytch) ironic typo? ☺ #

14:00 @natalief: @nambucom has great potential, but doesn't seem like it will realize it anytime soon. (via @mcglk) waiting and watching for now. #

17:13 Vision is very double today. Even WITH this temporary prism. ☹ Also had another busy and tiring day - too humid! #

17:21 @qikipedia there is no carbon in water! #

17:23 Harder to cull than it seems. Almost feels like saying "Not that I don't love you, I'm just not IN love with you." (via @regularjen) ☺ #

17:25 Sussex Heathland Appeal to buy 21 acres of threatened heathland in West Sussex is going well (via @SussexWildlife) #

17:26 It appears that I am being followed by a meerkat. (via @ali_in_london) Me too! #

17:29 @waitingforsimon *hugs* *kicks the MonSter too* #

17:31 @Hedgewytch my iphone/google/address book keep losing / duplicating contacts too! ☹ #

17:42 Home. Exhausted. Melting. Sleep. #

17:48 @reactivecooking no spam, spam, spam, spam, spam or spam? ☺ ♨ #

17:55 @mcglk in a twitter essay writing mood? #

21:31 @Hedgewytch not so bad after a nap and some dinner #

22:04 And now an IBS flare. All I needed. Ah well, same old same old… #

22:05 In Currys: "Yeah anything you can do in Windows, you can do on a Mac. They're completely compatible. Innit." (via @davorg) LOL! #

23:40 @sbisson Oh no. Poor Jeoffy! :( QQ #

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