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09:27 Bus is standing room only with 3 buggies already! #

09:53 For those that get this: Dead!Owen as Patient of the Week Y/N? (via @tallin32) YES! #

09:56 @NeilCFord you mis-spelled "NAU"! #

10:07 I love new Apple gadgets like everyone else but I think they forgot there is a recession going on. (via @cindyli) Yes. This. #

10:08 @ali_in_london re. Deadlines and cat - the cat can feel the stress! #

10:09 OMG! What next for @GeneHunt? (via @NeilCFord) I must remember to watch it online. #

10:10 @themattharris I know that we can't really afford new phones … #

13:24 Got home at about 12:45, pretty wired but exhausted and melting. Have been vegging and spodding since then. Podiatrist was interesting. ;-) #

13:26 RT @NeilCFord "RT @GeneHunt Yay!" (That URL) #

13:49 How do I set @twitter / @twhirl to show all replies and not just replies to people I follow? I can't remember where the setting was. Lost it #

13:52 Changed a bathmat (in-bath, non-slip) from one that was too small to… one that is too small! :( #

13:57 @ninthspace Oh yeah. I remember now. :( Maybe my tweet with the @ and the "twitter" (that you replied to) will register with them, then! #

14:07 Testing tweeting from Adium 1.4 beta #

14:09 @adium 1.4 beta -> twitter seems okay - but I miss having an "update my timeline now please" button or shortcut key(s). #

14:09 @Hedgewytch Hello back atcha! I added you via hubby - hope that is okay! #

14:11 @NeilCFord Yeah - @ninthspace reminded me of that. My *&@$£%^ MonSter eaten memory! :( I really hate that new "feature" of @twitter. #

14:13 There are enough features missing in the @adium implementation of twitter posting that I will stick with @twhirl for now. #

14:14 I will be checking out the new @nambucom tomorrow when it comes out, though! #

14:46 About to nap but realising that, for once I did not knit in public today and it is worldwide knit in public day! D'oh! #facepalm #MSclerFail #

14:47 @NeilCFord want me to unfollow her? ☺ #

15:38 (via @ali_in_london) New IT department Compare The Meercat advert #

15:40 @Hedgewytch First impressions? I like the site and can read it! Yay for dark text on a light background and not too many fast animations! :) #

15:44 The update for Nambu OS X to 1.2 will be released first thing Wednesday morning. (via @nambucom) GMT? EST? BST? #

15:47 @Hedgewytch You *can* have us both! I was only kidding! Hence the smiley! #

15:50 @ivybean104 - What a beautiful couple! #

15:51 Haha! @realnickgriffin (via @davorg) Ha! #

15:55 - My husband Harold in his modelling days (via @IvyBean104) You lucky woman! ;-p #

15:58 New post on my blog ( on Real Men knitting. (via @knittingnews) (link fixed) #

16:10 That men knitting video features on of my LJFriends' partners - the guy with the long green hat / nightcap towards the end! danthered at lj. #

16:21 @Hedgewytch I have a pretty wide mind… ;-p #

16:23 I am in the top 3 most retweeted people but i dont know what this means (via @IvyBean104) It means you are AWESOME!!! ;-p #

16:23 As you all may have guessed, I CAN HAZ NAPFAIL and so am about to play WoW for a bit. #

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