Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:37 Nauseous but for no reason I can imagine. #

16:12 Early for today's appoimtment. Better early than worried I'll be late, I guess. Not looking forward to one every day this week! *melts* #

16:15 Great. Got a kid in the ER with a head injury caused by a falling TV. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T PUT TVS IN KIDS' ROOMS. (via @roentgenatrix) #

16:22 The first five American men to win the Nobel Prize for Literature were all alcoholics. (via @qikipedia) #

16:22 Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water. WC FIELDS (via @qikipedia) #

16:25 @rebornspirit is Railey your new dog? I am so behind with LJ. #

16:33 @sarahkane People of my parents' generation who are fed up with the immigration levels? #

16:38 Our political system must be part of the curriculum. It's misunderstood. People need to understand that their apathy has direct (cont… #

16:38 …cont) consequences (via @katehunter) #

16:43 Are we _quite_ sure that punching the BNP and their voters repeatedly in the face isn't an acceptable and reasonable plan? (via (cont… #

16:43 …cont) @ali_in_london) #

16:44 @NeilCFord Worth a phone call to lulu? #

17:41 Tribe Post: Igpuss looking confused (via @ramtops) awwwww! #

17:46 @sarahkane oh i agree! Was just answering who might have voted for them! #

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