Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

'Gay penguins' rear adopted chick

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | 'Gay penguins' rear adopted chick

There were gay mallard ducks on York University campus (which is built on a lake) while I was there in the late 80s. This does not surprise me at all about the penguins. Those York ducks (many pairs) is why I know that the full spectrum of sexuality seen in humans is biologically and factually NATURAL at least given whatever has been in our water/environment for the past few thousand years. Non-hetero sexualities are NOT am matter of CHOICE! I am heterosexual, but everyone is entitled to their own sexuality. People should live their own lives and stop trying to "fix" and judge other people's lives.

By all means comment with, "My opinion is…" but do not try to tell me that these facts and truths are incorrect or try to change my knowledge (not beliefs or opinions) of said facts.
Tags: biology, facts, link, my opinion, science

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