Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


13:24 @ndixon - Ooooo - ice pencil-chomper! NOM NOM NOM ;-p #

14:56 Not a good day but that is only to be expected after the spoons overdrast I ran up over the last two days and with all this vertigo/vision. #

14:56 s/overdrast/overdraft/ #bah #

15:03 @NeilCFord Dunno if it is just me but video is streaming *very* slowly (and jumpily) from vimeo on the mac… #

15:06 @NeilCFord P.S> For some reasin I assumed that China was a girls name! ;-p #

15:06 s/reasin/reason/ #bah #

15:09 I had hoped that once the scaffolding came down the banging, yelling and other building maintenance chaos would have finished. No such luck. #

15:09 Also, we now seem to have a lot of yelling kids out there today. Is it the school holidays already? #

15:10 Yet another reason to hate multiple sclerosis - my irrationally extreme startle reflex. Exhausting. Had a headache already. *meds&remedies* #

15:12 @NeilCFord good point! ;-p Was just letting you know in case it is not just me. YouTube/flickrVid etc. are working fine - it is just vimeo. #

15:18 Knitting is good calming therapy. May have to know toeless socks to help combat the swelly-ankles. Think support socks vs DVT for flying. #

15:21 Toe-less to keep my feet cool. My overheating is greatly affected by temp of my feet. Wool for stretchiness. *ponders&searches4patterns* #

15:21 Or I could just buy some tubigrip and cut some socks out of that! ;-p #

15:24 @regularjen I lived right under the flight-paths in Heston/Houslow in '89. I don't miss trying to sleep when fatigued during the day! #

15:29 RT @NeilCFord ", your support system sucks donkey balls #lulufail" OM NOM NOM NOM NOM ;-p #

17:37 I am not destined to be awake today. I cannot keep my eyes open. The anxeity remedies may have something to do with that, I guess... #

17:39 RT @rebeccakoconnor "guy sees I'm reading 'Marketing Your Book': 'You know what you need to do? Get your book on Oprah!' Brilliant." D'OH! #

17:39 @rebeccakoconnor coz it is just that easy! ;-p #

18:27 /. #

20:37 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000------------------------------------------------pu8888888888888888888888888 #

20:37 LOL That was Smudge while I was napping and I just hit the enter key by mistake! #

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