Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:13 Can't sleep. Clowns're already eating me. #

00:14 @waitingforsimon *hugs* and luck! #

03:35 Now this FatigueInsomnia has me not being able to focus straight. Literally. If I tilt my head just a certain way then I can see properly. ? #

03:36 So, I am going to go to bed and lie there or read or, if a miracle happens, sleep. I need to sleep. Soon? Please? #

03:37 I have my regular Thursday at 2 pm appointment that I would like to get to because I missed it last week. You know, for the vertigo. #

03:38 You know, the vertigo that is still there but I am pushing through it (a bit like today). This can't end well unless I get better of course. #

10:24 Woke before my alarm (yay for the bladder alarm-clock NOT) but at least I slept! Vision is still screwy but I can manage, I guess. #

13:05 Off to catch bus in a minute. Two days out in a row again! I may have to collapse tomorrow. Wobbly and blurry. Adrenaline and concentration. #

13:43 If it is this nice next Thursday and Iam at least this stable, I want to try to remember to bring my D40x. #

13:47 #

13:48 Nature conquors urban decay - #

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