Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


09:33 Can't sleep. Was up all night as I so often am and went to bed at about 0730 or so and now I am wide awake again. 1.5 hrs ≥ nothing! #

13:17 Off into town. Wish me luck for bus, library and pap smear in the midst of this vertigo? Also hoping these clouds don't rain! #

13:29 Ya think? - #

21:36 Suddenly sleepy. I should think so to having only managed about 2 hours sleep in the last 36! #

21:42 Also, have been exhausted for a few hours now but have failed to be sleepy enough to sleep. Exhausted but not sleepy - that is me all over. #

21:43 I got through today on adrenaline, sleep deprivation, modafinil/provigil and sheer bloody-mindedness. Another busy day tomorrow! *thud* #

21:43 So, maybe I should actually try to sleep? ;-p #

23:20 And now, despite sleepiness and good intentions, I am still wide awake and have not managed a wink of sleep. WTB off switch for my brain! ;S #

23:23 …cont) This. {A} #

23:23 Yyuuurrggghhh why is medicine so disgusting? Why can't they lace it with chocolate or something that tastes good?! (via @AngelaJP) (cont… #

23:39 Everything aches or hurts. I guess I overdid things today but I really had no choice. I seem to be too tired to be able to sleep. #

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