Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


11:54 Woken my scaffolders. Awake a few hours. Done paperwork, eaten breakfast and taken meds. Going back to bed with, you guessed it, a headache. #

15:19 RT @laserone "Leo Laporte’s fitness ball bursts... again. This time on video. :)" Staged? Second time it happened? Hm. #

15:35 RT @thinkmeup "Thanks to the ever resourceful @cole007 for pointing out one sentence story site" True stories! #

15:38 RT @LotusblossomK "…: There's a thread on #Ravelry to see if we can get knitting into the trending topics today. Shall we try : )" #knitting #

15:38 Melting. #

15:39 RT @qikipedia "Age-otori is a Japanese word meaning 'looking less attractive after a hair-do'." LOL! #

15:43 RT @TimJBart "RT @gdpreston: "Man saves ducklings from ledge" .. if you haven't seen it yet ..." AWWWWWWW! #

15:45 @ramtops wondering if I should software update my netbook - linky? #

15:50 RT @qikipedia "Some amazing pics that look photoshopped but aren't " #

15:51 RT @qikipedia "… but is this one real or fake?" #

15:55 RT @SandBLondon "The Childbirth Education Doll pattern. Not for knitters who are eating lunch as they read this tweet." #

16:03 Suddenly cooler and blowier. About to rain? #

16:03 Not that I am complaining - cooler = less-melting! #

16:06 RT @petecooper "self-involved much? (text potentially nsfw)" OMGWTFBBQ? ;-p #

16:10 @Vivdora Oh! *hugs* It is such a fast cancer. My step-dad died of that just as fast. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* #

16:13 RT @shadesong "..I have too much room in my suitcase. o.O" Is that possible? Need more knitting/yarn! ;-p #

16:15 @davorg IMO Coraline 3D was awesome and well worth attending. Not seen it in 2D for comparison, though. #

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