Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


13:43 Real life Twitter! (YouTube) Hilarious! #

13:44 Of course, I have just woken up with HUGE eye/head pain and double vision. BORED NOW! I can haz cure for MS nau plz? *thud* #

13:47 @wildmanrouse - Reminiscent of my Rhino shot from our trip to Marwell that time! I like it! #

13:49 @wildmanrouse - Croc says, "NOM!" #

13:50 @sarahkane Pixel is scared of the outside as well. I am sure he is agoraphobic. #

13:51 @sarahkane "But, mum! The ceiling is the wrong colour and much too far away!!! To say nothing of this weird coloured shag pile carpet!" #

14:06 @petecooper - Grey-tabby looks nervous about what B&W-cat is about to do and/or thinking! #

14:12 RT @rosiesherry "Retweet this if you disagree w Twitter's decision to hide replies to ppl you don't follow #fixreplies #twitterfail" #

14:18 RT @neilhimself "The @davemckean stamps are available. … the presentation pack, with the short stories by me in it." #

14:33 Don't all kids? I did: RT @LotusblossomK "Does anyone else have a child who can turn a request to wash their teeth into a 40min argument?" #

14:36 RT @regularjen "Looking for name of early 90s Mac video game that involved a flamethrower, pixel-y graphics, & burning people to piles o ... #

14:41 RT @SandBLondon "Just when you thought it was safe to wear a hat. GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!" #

14:48 ;-p RT @roentgenatrix "Apple's ads should just be like, "What's Windows got that we don't? OH RIGHT THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH LOL U SUCK."" #

16:54 RT @laserone "RT @TheNextWeb At the ripe old age of 104, Ivy Bean is the worlds oldest Twitterer. - The Next Web " #

16:55 RT @ninthspace "Dear @twitter your balls-up regarding #fixreplies still annoys the freaking frack out of me." Me too! #

17:08 RT @TheNextWeb Brain-Twitter: Tweeting using electrical impulses generated by thought. - The Next Web (via @tweetmeme) #

17:11 RT @thinkmeup "#NotAFact Twitter is an ARG devised in 1946 to allow patients to recover from shock that Santa doesn't exist" #

17:14 RT @regularjen "Rolf stroking @ndixon's beard" AWESOME! #

17:16 @VeryShortStory I'd love to retweet your stories but, of course, then they would be too long! This one made me laugh out loud! #

17:44 What is with the link shortener loading links with a weird floaty header frame instead of just loading the link? Glad I don't use it. #

20:51 Ivy is 104 years! RT @IvyBean104 "i have now reached 5,000 followers so im saying goodnight for today be back tomorrow thank you everybody" #

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