Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:24 RT @MSHealthCentral MerelyMe: "I'm not drunk, I just have MS!" Slurred speech as a symptom of MS: It is no exagge… #

04:35 RT @SandBLondon In case of knitting emergencies: learn to knit faster. #

10:58 The top 5 words I've tweeted: said, sleep, awake, bed, rt. #

11:55 RT @SandBLondon "Holy pink knitted motorcycle, Batman!" #

13:53 Failing at awake. Meds not helping. Waking with eye pain probably didn't help. Can't wait until I can get new glasses after eye clinic June. #

13:54 Resorting to a nap sans earplugs so that I hear the doorbell. Too hot to be awake and too hot to sleep, so let's see if sleep works. zzzzzzz #

18:01 Just thought to myself - I'll sit on the sofa with my legs up and knit to some telly. Then I remembered that the sky box is not working. #

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