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I may have only taken 620 photos... Thruxton, yesterday, but neilf took 1049 using JPEG fine on continuous - the D100 can write faster in that format and so get more continuous shots off.

I took mine in RAW/NEF format and so they are larger and continous was not really an option because the D100 can only get 4 or 5 shots off in NEF before the buffer fills up.

I do think I have a few (or more, maybe) good shots, though, both for the "Motion" subject on my course module and for a motorsport photography competition that Neil and I are both hoping to enter...

I have spent most of today trying to cope with a sunburnt neck and printing off 'contact' sheets of the photos I have taken *before* yesterday. I *really* want to catch up with this blog.

I am investigating the option Nikon View has to save the 'contact' sheets as files and posting those for you guys to look at - what do people think? Should I just try to chose the best images and post them? I would be interested to hear what people think about how many of my images are good and how many are not so good and any constructive advice would be appreciated - would this be a good idea?

See my main blog entry for a writeup of the day...

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