Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:06 RT @tallin32 "Do I want to head home early today Y/N?" Duh? #

00:06 RT @sarahkane "Finally re-installed my twitter app, so I can tweet again. :)" YAY! #

00:33 Too tired to read more Twitter or LJ. Off to sleepy-land before my stalker, 4 am, catches up with me again. #

15:22 SO tired. Having slept all morning, taken meds and eaten brunch, I am going back to bed. #

15:24 Someone asked about my reading and knitting tweet. I can multitask. I knit whilst reading the web, watching TV or in the car. Whenever I can #

23:23 SOOOOOOOOO not 100% and SOOOOOOOOOOOO too hot/humid/sleepy/wide-awake. *thud* #

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Tags: loudtwitter, twitter

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