Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:28 Got carried away reading & knitting. Still wide awake. Birds just started singing. Doesn't look like I'll be going for a walk with mum today #

04:34 Have been reading latest episode of - if you like Criminal Minds & sci fi you'll love SU! #

17:22 Off to see Coraline 3d preview in Brighton with the amazing @NeilCFord!! ☺ #

21:42 @NicoleBPhotos or knitting and watching tv or knitting and… ☺ #

23:20 Coraline 3d preview was AWESOME!!!!! #

23:30 Back using @twhirl (despite AIR ☹) until @nambucom fix some of the (for me) show-stopper bugs that I (and some of you) have tweeted to them. #

23:31 @thinkmeup What does the vss hashtag stand for, out of interest? #

23:34 @thinkmeup It is OK - I just worked it out - Very Short Story. ;-p I am guessing a 140 character shorter-than-100-word-drabble-a-like? #

23:49 @waitingforsimon hi de hit! #

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