Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:10 @spottedsparrow I *thought* it was NiN! ;-p #

01:12 *splutter* ROFLMAO! RT @missviolet: "I totally forgot I had the iPhone in my bra...and then it rang. Cheap thrills abound. Just sayin'." #

01:16 @petecooper Woah! I was told 8th May for Corlaine opening! Where did you see it tonight in 3D? *jealous* #

08:30 "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man sleepy and inattentive at twilight." #

10:24 Up at 0730 again. Going back to bed now. Earplugs vs decorators outside FTW. #

12:27 RT @hashtags Thanks to everyone for the amazing response to #savehashtags. We still need your help (RT plz) #

12:30 RT @roentgenatrix Oh man, I would love to kiss whoever invented codeine, unless they're dead already, then EW, corpse dust. #

12:32 @laserone ping something can do that #

12:41 @laserone it was @pingfm #

16:06 …aaand now another headache starts. Need fresh air and have window open but too wobbly for stairs & walking. *splat* #

20:07 @JaneFoth Happy Birthday! #

20:16 @iknitlondon - Yay! Congrats! #

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