Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


11:02 Not well today - mainly weather-head. Yup, it is raining. #

11:03 RT @spottedsparrow: "wonders why people can't accept the fact that she's married and doesn't want children." Me too! Same happens to me! ;-/ #

11:06 @katehunter I'm the same - mainly read twitter on the iPhone and tweet on the mac or laptop. #

11:15 "I just set up my TweetThisText button. Check it out! It lets you create a page to share quotes of greater..." #

17:29 Everything is blurry, even with my glasses. Also, everything hurts (head, eyes, joints, muscles). I R DED. #

17:31 @bloodcurdling Reading with Ambiance - what a good idea! #

17:42 @Vivdora *hugs* Indeed it is. *hugs* #

17:42 @spottedsparrow No, I have my MonSter (MS) for that! #

17:46 RT @Vivdora: " watch this so sad" Which one? #

22:50 @spottedsparrow We use macs in this house and I don't think LotRO plays on mac, does it? WoW plays on both mac and 'doze. #

22:54 RT @tylluan: "guys. seriously. " Yes. This. #

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