Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:06 Well, we ran the stall but barely sold anything. I may blog more when I am not so exhausted. #

00:08 RT @stephenfry: " … Why do I keep tugging my ears, rubbing my eyes and otherwise fiddling?" I do the same! #

00:14 RT @missviolet: : "… Sites that automatically resize your browser window must die, and the designers of such should be fed to ants." Indeed! #

00:16 Exhausted but, of course and unsurprisingly for me, wide awake. Feeling pretty deflated, though, after my recent optimism. #

00:16 Time to hit things a lot and kill them in WoW. ;-p #

00:27 My Twitter personality: likeable inquisitive cautious My style: garrulous coherent POET #

00:34 My LJ personality (based on profile and public entries: #

01:14 Turns out I am just TOO tired to kill things in WoW. Off to bed. #

10:07 RT @mollydotcom: "…my twitter personality says … I talk on and on about nothing. Isn't that what Twitter is FOR?" YES! Exactly! ;-p #

10:07 @TearsRaven Happy Birthday! #

11:17 I really could sleep for a month! zzzzzzz #

11:19 RT @AngelaJP "Going to start a new blog. Have used wordpress and blogger before - any others I should consider?" LiveJournal or DreamWidth? #

11:24 @SussexWildlife "No twtpoll available :(" for the flower poll results :( #

11:28 Going back to bed. Did not go out for walk with mum but she did pop in for tea. #

14:11 @twerpscan seems broken. All follower:following ratios are 1:NaN and I am apparently following NaN people. Whatever NaN is! #

14:15 That's a pity because is usually so useful! #

14:15 @ninthspace Ah - right. I thought it was "none" in some language or other. #

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