Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:36 Too busy working on the thing I want to blog about to blog about it. NEED voice dictation software for OSX but there is none. Still awake. ☺ #

05:32 Here we go again. Swolen feet/ankles/legs. At least i am in bed… #

11:16 Knitting to wake up before I get on with loads of thongs-to-do. #

11:17 … or, things-to-do, even! #

11:19 Want to go to Woods Mill: #

11:19 RT @SussexWildlife:Best bluebell woods. Woods Mill Marline Valley Ebernoe Common htt ... #

12:43 What would people use to lay out a flyer with images (at angles) and text? I have Office, iLife, CS3 and ImageReady on OSX. #

12:44 Can't rotate images in Word. :( #

12:46 Was sure I used to be able to make images float in a box in word - must have been on windows. :( #

12:48 RT @ninthspace: "@natalief I prefer Thongs To Do - Domestic Lingerie Services." ROFLMAO! #

13:28 Just gonna finish the thing I am doing and then go out and run errands. Could sleep for a month but have a lot to get done before tomorrow!! #

13:29 @ninthspace I do have PS but would not have thought of using it for text - I mainly use it for photos! ;-p #

13:30 @TrshTwns01 Good idea - I have PP in Office. Will try that or Photoshop. Later. ;-p #

14:15 Imminently off out. #

14:31 RT @lich_king: "#followfriday Follow @lich_king for eternal life." ROFLMAO!!! #

16:39 On bus home after a late but needed breakfast at the chippy. Subway did not have any wraps and so this was an alternative. #

16:44 @mcglk I'll see if I have that installed. #

16:47 @katehunter Thanks so much for the offer about tomorrow. It has spurred me into action! Can I use some takeaway style coffee cups …? #

17:10 Lying down. Home but swolen feet. Still loads to do before tomorrow afternoon but closer to finished! #

23:15 RT needs your help! We are struggling to keep the service online. #savehashtags (RT plz) #

23:16 @ninthspace Imminently drunken desk! #

23:20 RT @shadesong:Earring by Elayna! Go buy some! #

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