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00:07 @regularjen Balcony. Jealous. All this scaffolding outside my window is very tempting but I am not that stupid - not safe! One day a garden. #

00:10 RT @MSHealthCentral: "Lisa: How to Manage MS-Related Dysarthria (Speech Dysfunction): … " Interesting. #

00:12 RT @hulucrafts: "CSI was a bit odd tonight" If you mean the UK one on Five, it was a little Tarrantino and I loved it! #

00:13 Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #

00:18 Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #

00:21 Just started a Twibe. Visit to join. #

00:25 I am voting for @AngelaJP over at at #

12:04 I am thinking that I need to become totally nocturnal in this weather to sleep in the heat. That or move outside. No garden makes that hard. #

16:44 Not been at all well today. Head/eye pain and also gut-stuff. #

16:45 RT @YarnHarlot: "Can't get up without coffee. Can't get coffee without getting up. Classic catch-22 right here." Coffee'sMade / Tea'sMade? #

16:51 @mollydotcom I always thought cramp was water vs salt (sodium chloride) blance - not potassium - but I may have been wrong… #

16:53 Interesting! RT @davorg: Lunchtime doodlings. Planet Streatham - #

16:55 *prays to the great gods Colpermin, Ibuprofen and Co-codamol* #

16:58 @stephenfry I'm jealous of your 50 Mbps broadband - you lucky geek you! #

16:58 RT @davorg:Also (because it's as easy to build three as one) - and #

17:15 @pixeldiva - Well, hello there! I will make it along to iKnit one Weds/Thurs (or maybe a Sunday) and now I know ... #

17:15 @pixeldiva - P.S. There was no room to say - it suits you! #

17:17 RT @hulucrafts: "Hosting knitting club tonight for the first time. Might try and tweet during the evening if I can" Have fun! #

17:20 Mmm - open window, fan going and distributing the nice cold air from my air chiller. Not melting as much as before. Still feeling ick tho. ☹ #

17:20 @mcglk the scroll wheel is a setting in preferences IIRC #

17:21 RT @mcglk:Problem with Nambu: Interface issue: the "Trash All" button shouldn't be next to "Trash Seen." @nambucom Agreed! #

17:24 RT @mcglk: Personally, I'd like to use Nambu as a Tweet archiving tool. "Hide seen" would be better than "Delete seen" @nambucom - Agree! #

17:30 The ice machine downstairs also helps with the anti-melting strategy. #

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