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00:51 you should follow @MSTrust, @joolysjoint, @YarnHarlot, @KnittingHelp and @DailyChum. See more picks at twibes.com #

00:54 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/MultipleSclerosis to join #

00:55 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/Migraine to join #

00:55 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/PCOS to join #

00:56 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/handmade to join #

00:57 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/photography to join #

00:57 Just started a Twibe. Visit twibes.com/knitting to join. #

00:59 Just started a Twibe. Visit twibes.com/sussex-uk to join. #

15:43 I would be tempted to change to using @nambucom on the iphone if I could change it to display black text on a light/white background. #

15:45 I have already switched to using @nambucom on the mac - yay for a native / non-air client that I like! :) #

15:48 Another reason to stick with @twittelator, though, is the really useful unicode entity menu❢ #

18:09 @NextMoon Have already bought @twittelator which does black on white and so I don't need to use TwitterFon. #

18:13 Switching back to @twhirl on the mac coz that takes me to is.gd/tHAi when I click #poscrossing (for ex.) but @nambucom does not. :( #

18:14 Sticking with @twhirl on the mac and @twittelator in the iPhone for now. Will try @nambucom again once it matures a little. #

18:15 Sadly, I don't like Seesmic Desktop at all and they are moving to that from @twhirl. I may have to get used to a new app soon anyway, then! #

18:16 Then again, if the only thing that @nambucom can't do for me on the mac is take me to a hashtag's page when I click it, that is not too bad! #

18:16 *ponders* #

18:27 @waitingforsimon *hugs* feel better soon. I am having a bad time in this heat/humidity as well. I dread July and August! #

18:33 RT @mcglk: "@natalief: @nambucom still has a lot of interface issues that need to be addressed. Lots of potential, though." Indeed! … #

18:34 … @mcglk @nambucom … like the ability to edit the format of the default retweet so that I do not have to edit every one! ;-p #

18:36 @roentgenatrix At least you aren't making the Darth Vader noise when you breathe, as well! You aren't, are you? *hugs* #

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