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Welcome to the ramblings of an addled brain

This may end up as a private journal.

I am going to start by pasting all the stuff I have stored away that I have written in the past - starting with a poem written when I was 8 and continuing over the years - a lot of it as an angst ridden (and, at times 'born again') teenager. Some were even songs with the help of my guitar. I make no apology for any of that.

This is how I described these old writings when they appeared elsewhere on the web:

Those That Are Mine (the ramblings of an addled brain) by Natalie Ford (neé Fricker)

This is a page of links to various poems, prose and ramblings I have penned over the years.

The links are listed in roughly chronological order, where I can remember. Most were written between the ages of 11 and 20 (I am older now).

I have included everything I still have a copy of, for completeness sake - I do not like all of them and really love some of them.

Most were written when I was experiencing extremes of emotion - very happy or depressed - and so do not reflect my usual state of mind in any way!

Some describe phases that I have been through (e.g. religeous) on my path to some semblance of 'growing-up' and so, also, do not necessarily reflect my views and beliefs as they stand today.

After that, I am hoping to continue by writing some fiction as well as writing up some of the memories of my life - which may be horrific to some - I have had a life that many would consider traumatic, in places, but in others it has been just fine and peachy, thank you very much.

Enter at your own risk. Don't expect me to hold your hand.
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