Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

She was lonely.

It had been a long time since the ship had left, taking all she knew with it. She was totally alone in this barren land, with its total silence and lack of movement. When she sat still, completely motionless, the silence beat at her eardrums and caused her to fear. So she sang.

She sang the songs of her childhood, one after the other, over and over, the songs of sorrow which her mind and tongue collaborated to produce. The she sang a song that had not been heard in this wasteland before.

She moved her body in time to the elusive beat of the tune. She ran and leapt and danced through the empty landscape. Not for one minute did she stop for breath. On and on, not pausing for rest, she danced and sang. Her voice moved up and down the scales and then it too joined in the dance; darting from one key to another, modulating, as did her body, from music with a sense of expectancy to that of lethargy. All the moods her people had ever experienced were coming out in her dance, spiralling up and down.

Then she stopped. She stood where she was like a masonry figurine. And she listened.

The land around her was repeating her song. Echoes came from recently absent land-forms. Many sounds came from all around her, as newly created shapes began to move. Here, a flat expanse of hard earth would rupture and a life would emerge. There, a creature would scamper, frightened by the wonderful happenings.

Then she sang again. A sweet note came from her mouth as her body moved slowly and calmly. The creatures looked and saw her and began to move towards her. Here was what had given them life. Her song reassured them and her movements no longer frightened them. They began to move away, to find places to live their lives in comfort and contentment.

She walked now, still singing the song of comfort. She saw the sun falling on greens and browns and bright living colours, in stark contrast to the previous voidal greys and blacks. She smiled as she sang. No longer was she lonely in this, her creation.
Tags: nsf_writing, written at uni

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