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To one who is aiming for a future goal,
To one who is aiming with full heart and soul;
To be told that the goal he will never reach
Is worse than the strongest promise being breached.

To one who has loved untold for near a year,
To one who has loved without ever a fear;
To be told by the loved one that love is not returned
Is worse than being loved and then being spurned.

To one who just wants to do just a certain thing,
To one who in hope's dark depths did self fling;
To be told that money lacking bars achievement's way
Is worse than, money lacking, other bills to pay.

To one who looks forward to a come or a go,
To one who looks forward with a hope he only knows;
To be told that he now cannot go or cannot come
Is worse than any would from any loaded gun.

But to one who knows the Father, be he happy or sad,
To one who has the greatest reason to be glad;
To be told that anything has not gone his way
Is a cue to take it all to God, to go an pray.

So, if you have been aiming for a future goal,
If you have been aiming with full heart and soul;
If you have been told that you can't have your way _
Go take it to the Father; kneel right down and pray.


Nat S Ford
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