Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


The sinuous body of feline terror
As the innocent
Defenceless young thrush
And flutters
Unaware of dangers lurking.
The tigress
Prepared for calculated murder
The bird screams in terror
A call erupts from all around
As the sky becomes alive
With the shouts of angry kin.
No one who hears, understands.
No one helps
But one;
A young human
Bends down.
Water wells in the deep blue pools
Cupping her hands
She gently
Draws the mauled creature to her breast.
The usurped cat
Angry at intrusion
Spits and retreats.
The girl looks,
Smoothes the ruffled feathers
And then is angry:-
Myriads of small
Cover its back.
She draws her hand over the birds body
And the blanket falls away
On her knees
She calms
Soothes the stricken youngster.
The bloodied sun sinks slowly
Leaving a dusk of mourning.
She sees none of this;
Only the bird
Which, safe,
Begins to breathe steadily.
The dirt sky feathers to indigo
Stars awake to speculate
Everything is listening
The girl shivers as she sings
Soft and low.
Then the moment comes -
The bird tenses&
Shaking, it fights to remain in life.
She strokes
But it loses its grip on her fingers;
The bird expires
And the girl sobs.
She kneels a while longer
Frozen by grief
And then rises
Crossing to a bed of flowers
She kneels once again.
Her fingers scrape the earth
Whilst she cradles the lifeless shell against her.
Gently the bird is lowered
Laid to rest.
Reaching over
She plucks a small
Beautiful flower.
Placing it on the feathers
She covers them both with moist brown earth
And a monument of stones.
They will remember
The small
Beautiful lives;
Her and the soil.
Tags: nsf_writing

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