Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

You were too wrapped up in your little clique
To notice me in the corner, crying;
Too wrapped up enjoying your happiness _
Why didn't you notice me crying?

Crying for love and friendship and trust,
Shrinking from hatred with fear.
Crying for him - the one who loves you.
You love him, that is all too clear.

I came to skate and talk and laugh,
In the end I don't skate a yard.
You tell me the news I've been waiting to hear
But trying to forget, oh so hard.

I'd love to talk and laugh with you
But the clique has it's doors shut tight.
I just don't belong here - or anywhere.
Rejection's my only fright.

I've no one to talk to, to laugh with and cry.
I think I'll go lie over there
In the corner. I'll curl up and cry and then die.
The fact is that no one will care.
Tags: nsf_writing

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