Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

The greatest gift
From God did fly;
He sent His own son
Christ, to die
For all our sin
And rise again.
If he lives in you
You will not die.

He took the sin
Of all the world,
Disease and dirt,
The blame was hurled
At his pure soul.
He went to Hell
Instead of the sinners
Of the world.

He rose again
To live on earth
And now he lives
Giving all new birth.
If you believe
He'll live in you,
He'll rule your life _
Not kings of earth.

So now I say
(and listen well)
If you don't heed
You'll go to hell!
But if you do
(I'm sure you will)
You'll go to live
With Christ until

Tags: nsf_writing

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