Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


10:59 How does one email/gmail or sms/mms a photo on the iPhone? #

11:13 @ndixon thanks! #

12:05 OH: And she was all like … and then um so there was like … and it's really like … yah, okay yah … and um … like …and then like #80sflashback #

12:17 Failing to send an º email with only 'o' for º service in Starbucks #twiku #

12:21 Finishing knitting ¤ my current row so that ¤ I can relocate #twiku #

12:24 Time to move to a ✍ slightly less vocal venue ✎ it echoes up here #twiku #

12:41 Used Cloud at O2 shop to send email LOL #

13:41 RT @theyarnyard "ravelry has been down for much of the morning, and knitters are placing yarn orders. Does ravelry stop people buying yarn?" #

13:46 Trying to remember how to unfollow someone using @twitelator … #

16:29 Tiring day after not much sleep. Vet, town, counseling and now time for a nap. #

16:35 @theweary ❤hugs❤ #

16:39 RT @missviolet "… twenty minutes of focused knitting-time can make everything else feel more doable. Brain-rest time, maybe." This. Yes. ❤☺ #

19:04 Note to self. When having a busy day and walking in the sun a lot, drink enough and eat lunch! *facepalm* #

21:00 RT @ndixon "who wants to join me with pencil and paper and spend some time in London sketching policemen? … since we can't take photos." LOL #

21:01 RT @neilhimself "RT @johnreppion:Comic creator's niece is missing: Please RT!" #

23:46 Too hot to sleep. Need to be awake at 0800 to leave home by 1000 for an 1100 hospital appointment, though. Caffeiiiiiiiiiiiiine tomorrow am! #

23:47 @katehunter Our personal chef tonight was called Dominos! ;-p #

23:51 @ninthspace You are meant to drink he espresso - not the cups! #

23:54 @bloodcurdling We thank crikey for our pet insurance every day - what with Pixel's ongoing hear condition, checkups and meds for that! #

23:56 @ali_in_london Those crazy cats at HM Revenue & Customs just have to have paper to push! #

23:57 @bloodcurdling Ask away, but bear in mind we are in the UK not the US... #

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