Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


05:55 Woke up melting at 0541. No idea why. Sun not up yet. #

05:57 RT @regularjen "Early morning thunderstorm." that explains melting. Earplugs mean I can't hear it! ;-) #

06:02 No thunder or rain here yet though. #

06:05 …cont) #

06:05 RT @LisaEmrich How 2 Manage MS-Related Bowel Dysfunction: BOWEL DYSFUNCTION is common in multiple sclerosis w/ symptoms repo.. (cont… #

07:37 I am loving having scaffolding outside my second (third to USians) floor window. I get visited by bluetits! Need suction window bird feeder. #

12:20 Power cut. The UPS was a fat lot of good. All it did was beep loudly and incessantly (waking me up) as my mac lost power. … #

12:22 … so now I am awake with no intarwebz. Or TV. Great. :( #

12:25 Also, no ice machine!!!! NOOOO!!!!! ☹, #

12:27 @ninthspace I may as well not have a UPS if it does not even allow time to shut stuff down! #

12:42 Power is back on thank $deity #

15:25 Ice tongs broke. Got what I paid for I guess. Bucket and tongs were only about 13 GBP from Would rather have a scoop anyway. #

16:50 Lovely sunny day. Nasty evil weather-headache. Time for another nap, I guess. #

22:20 It is finally raining. #

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