Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


"Why?" said the child
As his mother walked away
As she left him at the playgroup
On his very first day.

"Why?" said the fox
As he was caught by the hound.
"If I'd had a little longer
I could have gone to ground!"

"Why?" said the scientist
With unexplained results.
He never even stopped to think
It might have been his fault.

"Why?" said the moth
As he left his silk cocoon.
"I'm so very pretty now,
But I will die so soon!"

"Why?" said the boy
To the teacher with the cane.
Then he started to cry
And the teacher went insane.

"Why?" said the world
As IT fell from the sky _
The final bomb to end all hate.
"Why?" "Why?" "Why?"
Tags: nsf_writing

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