Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"A protest against violence"

(by Natalie and Sarah)

Violence reigns once more
The streets are turned into battlefields
Properties are turned into derelicts
People are turned into monsters.

Empty a bottle of spirit
And fill it up with petrol
Hurl it over a barrier
And count how many skittles fall.

Count your victories
By counting their injuries
Get pushed back by a jet of cold water.
But it doesn't wash the violence away.

Blazing torches light the skies
As the mob rush back for another try
Fill the streets with violence and dread
But when the morning comes the streets are dead.

Whose fault is it?
Who can be blamed?
Lock up the culprits,
But who are they?

Is it the police?
Is it the civilians?
Is it the government?
Or just the politicians?
Tags: nsf_writing

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