Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:23 @katehunter It was really yummy! He is a great cook. #

15:09 Upset guts and stinking headache. Effects of a very yummy curry last night and the current weather? *takes various meds* Already napped. #

15:51 Listening to unplayed mashuptown on my iPod in lieu of a dead iTunes library. Wish I had synced it more recently. Spotify after that maybe. #

15:52 U2 vs. Oasis - pretty good actually! #

16:43 RT @matociquala "Do they put something in the water supply on the internet that incites people to offer unsolicited advice?" Indeed they do! #

16:47 Awesome mashup of NiN and The Cult #

16:51 Massive attack makes everything sound better: #

17:22 Oh yes. This. The Prodigy vs. NiN: #

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