Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


13:58 Upset guts. Only to be expected. Dinner at mum's yesterday and she forgets that non-dairy does not equal semi-skimmed. Yummy but ??????????? #

14:00 … where ??????????? = a word I cannot think of that means something like 'possibly bad effects resulting from a happening'. Braindead & ick. #

14:01 @Vivdora *hugs* me too. #

14:03 And on that note, time • for meds and bed methinks. I • hope to feel better. #twiku #

19:49 Really feeling the iTunes withdrawal. I keep wanting to listen to XArtist or YBand and not being able to. *thud* #

19:58 Painkillers and Colpermin FTW. #

20:06 @katehunter Hubby is cooking African Stew right now (a curry)! ;-p #

20:11 @fionastaples - Woah! Cthulhu cometh! #

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